Bluepen laboratories pvt ltd has been set up by two Directors with the vision to contribute in making India Healthy by providing quality medicines. Now, bluepen laboratories pvt ltd is one of the fastest-growing Pharmaceutical Companies in India delivering excellent services. At bluepen laboratories pvt ltd, we constantly work towards ensuring access to high-quality medicines to support patients in need. We believe in integrity and maintaining quality as these are the pillars of the pharmaceutical industry. Our focus always remains on fulfilling the commitment made to all our stakeholders-, regulators, customers, partners, employees , and the community.

Manoj Kumar Saho

Managing director is graduate M. Pharma ,pharmacy from delhi University and started his career in the Pharmaceutical industry in 2005 after completing his studies. During these years, he worked in various Pharma companies like Glenmark generics ltd. As senior research officer, Alkem laboratories ltd as deputy manager , formulation and development (Advanced market ), Windlas healthcare pvt. Ltd. as senior manager and general manager and has assisted in every important segment of a company like Office managing, Ensuring quality services to clients, etc. After working in the Pharma industry for so long, he decided to start his own venture and established bluepen laboratories pvt ltd with the vision to provide quality services in every field related to Pharmaceuticals.

Anupama sahoo

Co-Director is B.A graduate and started her career in the Pharmaceutical industry in 2018.
Her vision to be a leading pharmaceutical company in the country. By this time, we have grown as one of the leading and most trustworthy pharmaceutical company by providing quality and affordable medicines in the country. Our brands have earned a reputation of being high quality, affordable and easily accessible among the healthcare providers and patients in the region.

Lalit mohan godiyal

who is the manager is an BSC graduate and has experience of more than 13 years in various companies and has always delivered the best in whatever Job or project was assigned to him. He truly believes in hard work with integrity and fulfilling commitments made to clients.